What if You’ll Need Service? A Reliable IT Help Desk Can Help

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What does a help desk for information technology (IT) really do? Many business owners need IT help desk support when it comes to technological requirements or services.

What does a help desk for information technology (IT) really do? Many business owners need IT help desk support when it comes to technological requirements or services. But is it always clear what you can expect from help desk technicians?

An IT help desk services is generally a department within an organization that is responsible for answering technical questions from its users and customers. Most IT companies have help desks to answer questions from their customers. Questions and answers are usually sent via email, phone, website or online chat. In essence, a help desk is a resource that users can use to communicate when they have problems with their IT services.

A help desk can help a company work more efficiently, perform smarter multitasking tasks, provide one-time support and guidance, request group purchases, prioritize tasks, provide standardized help for common problems, and adapt business service requirements.

A help desk can help a company achieve its strategic, operational, and business goals. A help desk is an important consideration when a company wants to use the services of an IT company.

What is the difference between an IT service desk and a help desk or call center?

Businesses often use the terms "call center," "help desk," and "service desk" interchangeably, which can lead to confusion. ITIL considers call centers and help desks to be limited types of service desks that offer only part of what a service desks offer. Since ITIL takes a service-oriented perspective and focuses on IT, this makes sense. For many companies, the definition of ITIL contradicts operating practices, making it difficult to distinguish considerably. Here you will find explanations of the help desk and contact center functions to create a contrast to an IT service desk.


A help desk is a resource intended to provide the client or internal user with information and support for the processes, products and services of a company. The purpose of a help desk is to provide a central resource for answering questions, solving problems, and providing solutions to known problems. Common examples of helpdesk include: technical support, product support / warranty features, employee switches, and facility service centers. Help desk support can be provided through a variety of channels, including physical locations, toll-free numbers, websites, instant messages, or email.

call center

A call center or contact center is a central point to manage contacts and interactions with customers. Office that handles a large number of requests, usually by phone (but can also include letters, faxes, social networks, instant messages or email). Inbound call centers are often used for things like product support, customer service, order processing, and 24-hour phone services. Outgoing call centers are used, for example, for telemarketing, debt collection, and market research. A company may have multiple call centers that support different parts of their business (including IT). These can be administered internally or through an external agency.